Located in the Thunder Bay Airport departure lounge and Goods & Co. Market

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We opened Nomad Bakeshop & Sandwich Bar on Bay St. back in December 2020 in an effort to keep our staff employed while we faced work shortages resulting from the pandemic. We also took the expansion as an opportunity to be able to open a kick-ass sandwich shop featuring house-made meats & toppings along with fresh baked artisan breads.

Our Journey

With every passing day, our love for the Bay & Algoma Neighbourhood grew stronger. In our first summer, we proudly opened our beloved patio. As time went by at our Bay St. location, we had our challenges with staffing shortages and limitations to our growth (as we didn’t have the space to have a kitchen on-site). Despite the challenges, we found ways to make it work so that we could open those doors everyday and serve each and every amazing customer we’ve had come through. In the last year, we really started to find our stride and were grateful for the amazing team of employees we had.

With our lease agreement coming to an end at 307 Bay Street, our future was unknown. That was until we found a location where we would have the opportunity to bring our Pinetree Catering kitchen & NOMAD all in one building.

With the new space, we would’ve been able to offer even more to our valued customers & employees.

Unfortunately, as one door closed, another door did not open for us. Our hopes of opening a new & better space were dashed as the deal fell apart. So here we are now:

Looking Ahead

We are thrilled and grateful that Goods & Co. Market has given us the opportunity to continue to serve you with a pop-up booth in the market. We’re happy to be a part of their welcoming environment, and we invite you to come by and check out some of our classic food retail along with some new additions.

We will continue to search for a new space and hope to be back in the neighborhood in the near future!


Who We Are

Nomad was first opened by Pinetree Catering back in December 2018 inside the departure lounge of Thunder Bay Airport with the goal of delivering the taste and flavours of Northwestern Ontario to the rest of the world. In December 2020, we expanded and opened “Nomad Bakeshop & Sandwich Bar” at 307 Bay Street, right in the heart of the Bay & Algoma Neighbourhood. After enjoying nearly 3.5 years there, we had to say goodbye to our bakeshop & sandwich bar, closing our doors in March 2024. As of April 2024, to continue to serve our great customers, we’ve opened a pop-up booth at the Goods & Co. Market, located at 251 Red River Road in downtown Thunder Bay. The adventures of NOMAD will continue!

Our Services

We currently operate in two locations in Thunder Bay. Our first location is at the Thunder Bay Airport inside the departure lounge. You can find us down by Gate 1 with grab & go food, pastries, and drinks along with local craft beers and all your favourite Thunder Bay retail items. {Insert Line Space} Our newest location is a pop-up booth at the Goods & Co. Market located at the corner of Red River Road & Court Street in downtown Thunder Bay. There you can find our fresh baked bread & pastries, along with take n’ bake pies, pita chips & dips, and other grab & go food and retail. {Insert Line Space} Our location at Thunder Bay Airport is open for all departing flights (7 days a week) from the main departure lounge. Our pop-up at Goods & Co. Market is open Wednesday-Friday (11am-6pm) & Saturday-Sunday (10am-4pm).


Nomad Bakeshop & Sandwich Bar

Vince Ou
1 year ago

Sandwich was pretty good! Ingredients were great. Service was nice, but by no means expedient. Outdoor or indoor seating available. Pricing is $3.50/100g. Build-your-own or choose from suggested combos.

Elyse C-M
2 years ago

We absolutely love this place! The sandwiches are delicious and massive, the crepes are fantastic, the customer service is outstanding, and if you're in a rush the online ordering for the sandwiches is super convenient! I also love the take and bake options (we've gotten the steak and cheese pie, and the vegetarian moussaka pie), the salads, and all the local treats. Plus the fresh baked bread is delicious! We've gone 5 times in the past month.

My sandwiches are always super delicious and I love that they have a tofu and hummus option. I think they have a really awesome selection of toppings, spreads, and sauces. Heads up though, they are fairly pricey. The cinnamon twists are insane as well, I encourage everyone I take there to get one. I wouldn't recommend the crepes, the actual crepe is good but the toppings are a little strange. The strawberry option has cream cheese on it, but it's not sweetened at all. The savoury option I had was hard to get through simply because I did not enjoy the sheep's feta, but that's personal taste. I wish they wore gloves. It might not bother some people, but it makes me a little uncomfortable. However, when I requested that the person making my sandwich wear gloves, they did.

Geoff Redston
1 year ago

I tried it, I loved it. That's all I can say. Definitely recommended.

Lisa Berglund
1 year ago

Very delicious. I had a crepe for lunch. Lots of options for toppings. Ate outside on the patio. Not the most comfortable seats. Overall a good experience. Would definitely eat there again.